17 Doodles Everyone Draws

  1. That one thing you know how to draw


This could be a sign that you’re afraid to go outside of your comfort zone and care too much about the chance of someone seeing your wiener dog doodle.

2. 3-D Nonsense


You’re an out of the box thinker. You’re great at conceptualizing ideas and have a brain like an engineer. Or maybe you think 3-D noodles just look reallyy cool.

3. Animals


Maybe you’re doodling fish because you skipped lunch.

Drawing cats could be sign that you should adopt another cat to add to your family of 6 cats.

Doodling ducks could reveal that you love floating, pooping, and eating bread!

4. You get lost in the Zentangle 


If you’re drawing Zentangle, you’re not lost at all. You have everything in your life together. Two kids, a house, a husband named Jeff, a golden retriever named Max, and a Pinterest with 300+ followers.

5. Stars


You’re an over achiever and extremely persistent. You’re life will be fulfilled when you draw the perfect symmetric star.

6.  You doodle your lover’s name until they love you back.


Does David know you’re doodling his name? Does David know you exist? Is David a real person? If you answered “no” to any of these questions, it’s time to recycle those doodles.

7.  Flowers


Is it a daisy or is it a windmill? A rose or a cabbage? It doesn’t matter to you. You draw flowers because they are pretty and flowers make you feel happy.

8. Hearts, farts, and more hearts


I sat next to a girl in school that doodled hearts over and over again. She was very religious and kind. Maybe the hearts were a projection of her kindness or maybe they are symbolizing a deeper passion within her, possibly BDSM.

9. Swirls


You doodle swirls for how it feels to draw them, not for how it looks on the page. It relaxes you and helps you escape reality.

10. Pyramid of Balls


Building a pyramid of balls is not ideal in real life. You’re constantly trying to piece your life together to make a perfect pyramid, but your building balls keep rolling away. You constantly say things like “Man, I gotta get my shit together.”

11.  The 6 Dash “S”


You mastered this in the second grade and never quite got over it. Sometime you add a little shading. You find one thing you’re good at and stick to it.

12.  Flower in the HoleIMG_0913

Every girl on the planet has drawn a flower in the hole of their notebook, I’ve been watching.

13. Your name in every font.


Everyone doodles their name. Maybe to perfect their receipt signature or maybe to practice signing autographs.

14. Lookout, there’s a spiderweb in the corner.


Drawing spiderwebs could mean you’re a creeper. You like zombies, scary things, and scifi movies.

15. Cubes


You feel trapped inside.

16. Eyes



You took an art class once where they had you draw eyes and yours wasn’t the best, but you’ve been training for your day in the sun when someone catches a view of your radiating eye and says “Wow, nice eye.”

17. Leafy Stick Things



You’re cute and you know it. You probably have a minimalist tattoo similar to your leafy stick drawings. You enjoy tea over coffee and love cats.



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