30 Things You Should Never Buy

  1. Plastic containers

Plastic containers are one of stupidest things you can buy. They get gross after using them a few times and are not as handy as glass containers. You can use glass for left overs and you can bake things in it. Can plastic do that?

2. Anything from Wishcoley-christine-240-unsplash

You know how when you blow on a dandelion to make a wish and the little fur petals fly everywhere? The fur petals are a representation of your money when you shop on Wish.com

3. Animals


Pets are not a things you shop for. I can’t believe people still buy from breeders and the message isn’t clear to everyone yet. Thousands of animals are euthanized a day, and people still give money to breeders?!

4. Plastic Straws


I love drinking from straws and I used to use plastic ones, but then I found out about metal straws and it’s been a game changer. My drinks are colder, they are easy to clean, never rust, and reduce my carbon footprint. A pack of 8 plus the cleaners are only $8 on Amazon.

 Set of 8 Stainless Steel Straws Link

5. Full Price Textbooks or Textbooks in General

My first year of college I spent $800 on RENTAL textbooks. That’s $800 down the drain. Always buy your books from places like Chegg or Amazon. Honestly I would hold out on buying your books for as long as possible to see if you even need it, especially for online classes. Also, never buy the newest edition because they are all the same.

6. New Clothes at Target

Image placeholder title

Image Source

I hear girls say “All my clothes are from Target” all the time. They should be saying “All my clothes are from Goodwill.” because it’s the same clothing marked down by more than 75 percent off.  Goodwill gets new shipments of Target clothing daily.

7. New Appliances

I could never imagine going into a Sears and dropping $1200 on a washer/dryer set. Appliances lose value so fast and can always be found second-hand for cheap. My washer/dryer set was $150 with a 2 year warranty. Check Craigslist for appliances, you’d be surprised how cheap people give away quality things.

8. Getting the Check Engine Codes Read

Sunlit steering wheel and dashboard of the car with the mobile phone attached to the windscreen in Bellingham

I feel like everyone knows this, but if you don’t, know that it should ALWAYS BE FREE. I had a mechanic try and charge me $100 for this and I told him that I was not an idiot. Autozone does this for you for free in about five seconds.

9. Bottled Water

Buying bottled water is the dumbest thing in the world probably. Especially if you are buying it for your home source of water. If you don’t trust your tap water, get a filter for your sink.
PUR Stainless Steel Style Faucet Mount & 1 Mineral Clear Water Filter

10. Cable TV


Why do you need 30,000 channels if you only watch like five shows? Get HuluAmazon Prime Video, or Netflix for less than $10 a month. Personally I enjoy Hulu the best, but Amazon Prime Video is the best deal because it’s included in PRIME and students can get a membership for $4.00 a month.

11. Full Price Oil Changes

oil changes

Don’t ever let a mechanic talk you into paying for extra things you do not need. Always check on Groupon before you get an oil change.

12. Full Price Guitars/Instruments

Never buy a full price new guitar. Guitar Center‘s guitars are always price negotiable.

13. New Board Games

Fat lay shot of legos, crayons, books, various children toys and Scrabble tiles that read

Nearly any thrift store you go to will have family favorite board games like Monopoly, Scrabble, Checkers, and Battleship. But if you’re looking for something newer like Exploding Kittens, then I would check out Gamenerdz.com

14. Mason Jars

If you want to make cute decor out of mason jars just peel the sticky label off your pasta jars or jam jars. I’m always conscious about what I buy at the grocery store and prefer to purchase glass jars so I am able to reuse them as drinking glasses or flower vases. Don’t be suckered into buying jars from Target, when you can get them for free.

15. Boutique Costume Jewelry

pom earrings

A lot of the time I see boutique costume jewelry for upwards of $16-$30, but it all looks strikingly similar to things I can find online for wayyy cheaper. If you want it in two days order from Amazon, but if you want the same jewelry for less than $2 and are willing to wait 2-3 weeks, order from AliExpress.

16. Swimsuits from Cupshe

ali express      cupshe.jpg

These swimsuits are the exact same and are both sold by Cupshe. The first is on Cupshe’s AliExpress store for half the price plus free shipping, but on Cupshe’s website they are selling it it for 29.99 + Shipping?! Hmmm, if they are from the same company doesn’t that mean their shipping time would be the same?

17. Anything from a mall kiosk

Chic woman in sunglasses holds bags up a mall escalator

They are usually selling dirt cheap crap and their tactic is to use overly aggressive sales people to force you into buying the dirt cheap crap. Just be strong 🙂

18. Anything from a pyramid scheme

Website_Join Movement.jpg

Image Source

Nearly a billion girls on my Facebook feed have fallen victim to a Pyramid scheme or two. Sad. Don’t think you’re going to become a millionaire selling LuLaRoe, ItWorks, or other bogus things of that nature. They make their money from you trying to make  money.

19. Extra Data

metro pcs

MetroPCS is the best deal for people not in a family plan. I pay $35 for 2GB a month and never run out of data. If you are always running out of data they have a $50 unlimited plan with no contract.

Image Source

20. Designer Anything- Get it at Ross

High fashion woman wearing sunglasses with a handful of shopping bags

Everyone knows this, but just as a reminder.

21. New Tools

Don’t purchase cheap IKEA tool sets or new plastic tool sets from Home Depot. If you’re looking for a bargain and some basics just hit up a flea market or estate sale. There is always an abundance of metal tools.

22. First generation of new tech gadgets

A blonde woman drinking iced coffee while using an iPhone

Wait until the bugs are fixed and the price drops. I also really like the site Swappa.com. They seem to have the lowest price even compared to Facebook Marketplace for refurbished phones.

23. Uggs

Image result for dirty uggs

They look sad after the first month of owning them. And once they are worn out, they have no resell value.

Image Source

24. Dollar Flip Flops

Image result for dirty flip flopsrocket dog

Ew. These never look good. Stop throwing money down the toilet by buying one in every nasty color at Old Navy. Rocketdog.com actually has super cute sandals this year, buy those instead.

Image Source

25. Anything from Victoria’s Secret

The Trends of the Season. Summer Glow. Things are heating up with the styles that shine.

It’s so expensive and their stuff just falls apart. Another reason not to shop there is that they just cut up clothes they can’t sell and throw them in the dumpster. My favorite bras are from Calvin Klein and they almost always have a surplus at Ross for less than $12.

26. Tech gear that goes above and beyond your needs

Unless you’re a graphic designer or you’re using creative applications, you probably don’t need a fancy computer. I didn’t own a computer until I was 20 years old and my first computer was a Chromebook that I bought for $200. I loved it and almost think it’s better than the fancy laptop I have now.

27. Microsoft Office

A person in ripped jeans working on a MacBook on the floor

Google apps are just better. It’s easier to use, the Google Slides app looks way cooler, and it’s free.

28. Picture Frames


Vintage frames have so much more character and are usually only a few bucks at a flea markets. I once got 10 frames for $5 on Facebook Marketplace, so that’s also a great place to look.

29. New Canvases 

At thrift stores you can find a load of mass produced canvas art. Give these ugly things a new life by painting over them.

30. Random Subscription Services

Woman holding up three makeup brushes in front of a make up mirror with blush, lipstick, brushes, and lights surrounding it

Do you really need “x” number of random products for “x” number of dollars per month? NO. You’re over-consuming at the speed of light. Instead of buying an Ipsy subscription and paying $100 a year, just go to Ulta and try things you think you might like FOR FREE.

Written by Courtney Woolford


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