46 Things to Do Just for the Hell of It

  1. Photoshop yourself at the beach and tell all your friends you were there.

  2. Go commando for the day or week or rest of your life.

  3. Only eat foods that start with the first letter of your name for the day.

  4. Throw an indoor luau.

  5. Write yourself a love song.

  6. Buy matching outfits for you and your pet.

  7. Only watch foreign shows for a week.

  8. Learn to juggle.

  9. Get a photo blanket made of yourself from Shutterfly.

  10.  Call everyone by their full name for the day.

  11. Eat dinner blindfolded.

  12. Only order food the waiter recommends.

  13. Sign your receipts in bubble letters.

  14. Drink chocolate milk with ice (highly recommend).

  15. Go to a cat cafe.

  16. Let a tattoo artist choose your tattoo.

  17. Learn to line dance.

  18. Work as a nude model for an art class.

  19. Let your significant other dress you for a week.

  20. Go to the mall just for the food court and massage chairs.

  21. Call your mom and pretend you are her. “How come you never call me?”

  22. Recreate your childhood photos.

  23. Go camping, glamping, hamping, yurting, or treehousing.

  24. Take a gelatin bath with Gelli Baff

  25. Let everyone you meet sign your shirt for the day- friends, co-workers, and strangers.

  26. Only speak of yourself in the third person.

  27. Go see a movie without seeing the preview first or knowing anything about it.

  28. Dress like your co-worker until they notice.

  29. When they ask for your name at a restaurant, say it’s Leanne.

  30. Draw your waitress a picture on the receipt.

  31. Dye Your hair with Kool-Aid.

  32. Leave insignificant notes in over the top handwriting.

  33.  Draw a picture of a stranger and then give it to them; good or bad, it still warms the heart.

  34. Post all your Instagram photos upside-down for a week.

  35. Mix a bowl of Doritos with Cottage cheese, you’ll thank me later 😉

  36. Try and draw your dreams.

  37. Paint random letters on your nails and then play hand scrabble.

  38. Sing everything you say for a day.

  39. Draw a self portrait with your eyes closed.

  40. There’s a whole group of people out there that like to watch people crunch ice. Learn more about it by watching this video.

  41. Enter an elevator with someone, but don’t turn around.

  42. Shower with the lights off.

  43. Watch all of Beth Hoyt’s YouTube videos.

  44. Try and taste the air.

  45. Tag all your friends in a selfie with no explanation.

  46. Spill milk and then cry about it.


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