10 Must-Have Women’s Summer Clothing Trends

1. Fruity Frocks

A trend I have been noticing everywhere is mixed print fruity dresses. Although I don’t eat enough fruit in my day to day life I think it’s super cute to wear. It’s quirky and adds a little sugar to your wardrobe.

cherry print dress blog lemon blog dress 0

White Cherry Dress

Lemon Ruffle Dress

Yellow Pineapple Dress

Banana Dress

2. Straw Bags

Straw bags tend to make their way on the scene every year, but this year especially with new shapes and fun frills.

sraw blog  straw purse


Tan Straw Bag

Straw Circle Crossbody

Pom Pom Tote


3. Retro Sunglasses

I love the 50’s sunglasses trend happening this year, but I would avoid buying these online because sometimes this shape can make you look like an alien (or at least in my experience), but when you find the right pair they can add a cute retro vibe to your look.

red  white pink g

White Cat Eye

Red Cat Eye Shades

Heart Eyes

4. Platform Sandals

Platform sandals are the best summer sandal and here’s why: they give you an extra lift, they are super comfortable, and hecka cute!

sandal Rachel Black Leather Flatform Sandals 5

Zala Red and White Gingham Espadrille Flatform Sandals 2 brown

Nude Straw Sandals

Black Double Strap Sandals

Red Checkered Print

Brown and Tan

5. Reusable Water/Coffee Bottle

If you’re anything like me (classic millennial), you find yourself at the coffee shop several times a week and it’s a habit you just don’t care to shake, so why not get a cute reusable cup?  

pdpImgShortDescription pdpImgShortDescription sip sip tumbler with straw - paradiso

Pink and Blue Floral

Strawberry Cup

Pink Flower


6. Dainty Necklaces

I love smaller chain necklaces so much more than bulky ones because they are so understated and cool without having to yell about it.

bm Slide View: 1: Zodiac Layering Charm Necklace Set


Brandy Gold Necklace

Zodiac Sign Layers

Gold Stars

7. Frilly Earrings

These earrings are everywhere and I’m not mad about it. I love the pom-poms, floofs, and bright colors. They are very Miami to me and idk if I have any research to back that up, but look how cute!

tassss   wilkes_yellow-orange_68_main_sq_gy_1000x1000

Pink Tassel

Red Hoops

Crystal Blue

Yellow Fan


8. Bandanas

Around your neck, in your hair, or on your wrist! It’s friggin’ cute anywhere! Enough said.

Slide View 1: Solid Bandana Scarf Pony  Slide View 1: FP Destination Print Bandana Slide View: 1: Paisley Silky Mini Square Scarf

Pink Scrunchie Tie

Colorful Neck Tie


9.Little White Sneakers

White sneaks go with nearly every outfit in the summer and I’m all about it. I’m also really enjoying sneaker slides at the moment because I like how they take casual to a whole new level.

  Reebok Women's Harman Running Shoes - view number 1 

Slip-on Sneakers

Reebok Classics


10. Tourist Tees

If you can’t afford a vacation, last’s okay because you can just get a cute tropical t-shirt, throw on a pair of sunglasses, sit back, relax, and pretend you’re on the beach.

Slide View: 1: Project Social T Florida Tee  Slide View: 1: Truly Madly Deeply Hawaii Tie-Front Tee  0

Florida Shirt

Hawaii Tee

Grand Cayman


Written by: Courtney Woolford


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